In the Event of a Claim

Prompt claims’ reporting is critical to the process of bringing claims to a successful resolution.

Members aware of any actual or potential claim must report it immediately. If a member receives a formal notice or statement of claim, the notice must be reported in writing to the insurer within 30 days. Please refrain from making any written or oral statements to the claimant, unless the insurer advises to do so. Please do not offer to compensate a client as such action could interfere legally with the management of a claim.

Should a member seek independent legal services for a potential claim, any fees associated with such services may not be recovered under the policy limits unless notice has been provided to the insurer before a member engages independent legal representation.

In the event of a potential claim or if a member is formally served with a statement of claim, members should follow the guidelines below:

Members Should

  • Immediately report any potential claim to BMS via phone or email
  • Submit any formal statement of claim to BMS
  • Report any regulatory investigations or notice of complaint within 30 days

Members Should Not

  • Speak with any third parties about the claim
  • Assume any legal fees before reporting a claim
  • Offer compensation to independently settle a claim
  • Amend or change any previous medical records once a statement of claim has been received

Members who are aware of a potential claim should contact BMS on 1800 940 764 or at